wasted paradise
Dokumentarisches Photoessay
Deutschland, 2022
We travel deep underground. Despite its high speed, the elevator takes a long time until we finally reach our destination. It is pleasantly warm down here. The temperatures fluctuate only slightly. We are somewhere in a former mine, potash salts were mined here and sold to the chemical industry. We are in an underground landfill Herfa-Neurode, hundreds of meters underground. This is where our domestic and industrial waste is stored. Neatly hidden behind the brick walls is the result of our globalized and consumerist society. The material of the photo work consists of plastic waste. The original function of these foils has been misappropriated. Through the transparent printed plastic film, everything appears dark and indefinable at first glance. Only by turning over the white foil the picture becomes readable, and thus also the extent of our consumption behavior becomes visible.

©Leonard Mann